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8 sources to get Direct clients

8 sources to get Direct clients: "8 sources to get Direct clients

I am often asked questions by new translators: where can I get direct clients? I have compiled some sources for you from the Internet.
Use them and submit your choices.

Sectors to look for:

1. Software business

2. Legals and para-legals, Attorneys

3. Mediafirms

4. Medical Translation sector.

Try 'hospitals' and 'healthcare'. A city like Houston has many hospitals. Suggest your services.

5. Try global companies

6. Small and medium enterprises looking to export

7. Small US based manufacturing firms that are looking to expand their markets

Federation of International Trade Associations publishes a directory of US-based Export Management Companies

Directory of US Chambers of Commerce

USA Small Business Resources website

• http://www.fita.org/emc.html

• http://www.officialusa.com/stateguides/chambers/index.html

• http://www.officialusa.com/stateguides/business/smallbusiness.html

8. Franchising businesses.

They can be found on sites like www.franchise.org, www.entrepreneur.com/franchise500 and usatoday.franchisesolutions.com

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