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Your Reputation Leads the Way

Reputation is an opinion that other people have about your personality or the work that you do. The better your reputation is, the more offers of potential translation assignments you receive because people trust you. Therefore, in other words, reputation is a kind of trust that your customers have for the quality of your work.
If a freelance translator has no reputation or his reputation is poor, then the number of his clients will decline and he will end up without work and bread and butter.
However, there are some recommendations that will help a person to create or retain reputation. For instance, do not agree to projects having very urgent or hard-to-meet deadlines. Do not translate texts that you know very little or nothing about because then you will definitely be making awkward excuses to a client for the mistakes made. Finally, always be sure that you will be working within your areas of expertise by looking at the original text before you accept a project. Make yourself look reliable in your clients' eyes by developing a reputation for delivering more than you promise. Are you ready to go an extra mile?
If you know about other ways of gaining and retaining good translation reputation, please share them in the comments.
I hope that your reputation is growing as well as the number of your customers. Don't forget to mention this post in Twitter or other social media. If you want to learn more, there's RSS available here.
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